Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Architect: Sadar Vuga
Ljubljana 1999

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose task is to promote the movement and flow of capital in the Republic of Slovenia, is conceived as a "megastore".

In encompassing consultation, information and training departments and services, it acts as a local lead-in to economic globalization. What was involved in this project was the rehabilitation of the institution's offices housed in a strictly rationalist lowrise building, and the addition of a series of semi-public amenities (restaurants, library, lecture rooms, exhibition areas, archival reading room).

Project attempts explicitly to do away with any barriers between the public, semi-public and private features which are all present in this hybrid design.

By retaining the huge public forecourt, the programme along the existing building is verticalized, thus giving it a new façade, designed like boxes piled on top of each other.
Fitted between the two fronts, as if the public forecourt had been suddenly straightened, is a vertical hall, espousing the principle of continuity and interaction between the two parts of the programme.

By Sadar Vuga

Concebido como uma mega-estrutura comercial, o edíficio acaba por albergar diferentes funções de carácter semi-público, para além do programa principal, é exemplo restaurantes, livrarias, salas de leitura e de exposição.

O principal destaque, é o espaço híbrido que o caracteriza, procurando conjugar todos os géneros de espaços - público, semi-público, privado.

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