Black Box Restaurant

Architect: Bernard Koury
2005 . Beirute

" The black box is located next to a major department store on the northbound highway of Greater Beirut. The neighboring fashion retailer is a self-advertising 40x25 meters Corten steel box. In a context, saturated with billboards and signs wrapping the surrounding buildings’ exteriors, we intend to highlight the black box’s which was initially invisible from the highway due to its 20m setback. A steel arm projects 20m out of the main façade of the building in order to catch up on the setback and attain the highway. Within the structure of this arm, a large three-dimensional picture frame contains a graphic setting produced by the fashion industry next door. During a palled event, the frame can house performances with live models. On the tip of the arm a 5x3m screen retransmits in real-time scenes selected from the interior of the black box. The tip of the arm is supported by a steel cylinder that contains a cash distributor. The assemblage of the installation recognizes and amplifies contemporary society’s reliance on the trendiest fashions, latest entertainment venues and the facility of money distributors. "

by Bernard Koury

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