Kongsberg Jazz Festival Tubaloon

Architect: Snohetta
2000 Kongsberg . Norway

The Tubaloon is a unique pneumatic tension membrane structure designed to serve the main stage at Scandinavia's reputable Kongsberg Jazz Festival.
Mouting, dismouting and storage of the structure have been optimized to allow for its annual festival appearence at its historic hilltop site.
The structure type is hybrid , featuring a continuous 1m diameter pneumatic perimeter tube that rests against a thin galvanised steel frame and provides even distribution of the tension to the large hour-glass-shaped central membrane. White Ferrari PVDF coated PVC fabric was chosen for its durability and responsiveness to effects from lighting. The hybrid structure results in a form that is more voluminous and shapely than pure membrane structures and it give the impression that the tubaloon is an organism rather than just skin.

by Snohetta


  1. really amazing this structure, your blog is damm cool, lots of things to see...man i think i will eat something and then i will see all your blog... i think i will only stop next week :D congratulations

  2. WOW - really interesting